Saturday, July 2, 2011

254 Dry Erase Markers

254 Dry Erase Markers
Object: Ten dry erase markers

Acquired: Various

From: Various

Notes: I keep these wrapped up in a bandana (I switch which one I use every so often), and since I was photographing the bandana, I figured I should photo these, too.  These were all gifts from NC at various points, except for the yellow.  See, I had two black markers and no yellow.  Black is certainly more useful, but I wanted the full rainbow so I could make colorful and fun things on my dry erase board.  So I traded one of my blacks for an unused yellow in a bin in the supply room.  I felt guilty for a while, but eventually managed to convince myself that the black was preferred by NC, since no one ever used the yellow anyway.

I took rather obsessive care of these, and almost never let the kids touch them, let alone use them. And that's why I have ten well-working markers, and everyone else was stuck using a half-hearted green.

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